III International Scientific Conference of

Educational projects for SENIORS

October 30th and 31st, 2018


GALICIA – Spain ​

 "New Technologies at the centre of Senior Education"


Organized by RUTIS (Third Age Universities Network, Portugal), with the collaboration of FEGAUS (Galician Federation of University Associations).

The aim of the third Conference is to demonstrate that new technologies should be the basis for seniors' training programmes. To visualize this medium of communication and training with lectures, conferences and videoconferences, dedicated to the use of the TICs in the different projects that are being carried out in the different institutions and organizations involved in the formation of seniors.


The two days of the conference will be transmitted by the Ágora-Tecnología platform, and videoconferences will be offered (selected by the Scientific Commission) from all those organizations that for economic reasons cannot move to Santiago de Compostela, providing them with the opportunity to participate with the presentation of proposals and projects, assisting live to Question Time.


In this case, Argentina, Brazil, Slovakia and other European countries, as well as Spanish assistants, may be present at the third Conference by means of new communication techniques.

For all attendees to participate, workshops will be organized; Whose content will be previously sent with the inscription, so that they can prepare their interventions.

​ 30th of 0ctober

9:00 h.- Delivery of documentation

10:00 h.- Inauguration Act

  • Regional minestre of Social Welfare,Xunta de Galicia *

  • Luis Jacob: President of the Third Age University Network (RUTIS), Portugal

  • Representative of IMSERSO *

  • General board ofUniversities, Xunta de Galicia

  • National Education Counsil, Portugal*

Alejandro Otero Davila: President of the Galician Federation of Senior University (FEGAUS), Galicia

11:00 h.- Table of presentation of the III conference: Luis Jacob, President of RUTIS

-- Lecture: "Lifelong learning throughout life". Representative of the Spanish Ministry of Education

11:45 h.- Coffee Break 20 minutes.

12:05 h.- Round table, moderator Alejandro Otero (FEGAUS)


1º.- Marina Troncoso, President of CAUMAS: "New subject for the 21st century for the elderly – the white Book of CAUMAS" (Spain)

2º.- Lisa Valéria: Pontificia Universidade Católica de GOIÄS (Brazil)

3º.- Luisa Pimentel: Leiria Polytechnic Institute (PORTUGAL)

13:05 h.- Conference. Dulce Mota (RUTIS)  presents

Mrs. María Pilar García de la Torre, Vice president of internationalization and cooperation. "Senior students as active agents in meeting the objectives for sustainable development in the information and communication Society". ​


14:00 h.- Lunch hotel Puerta del Camino

15:30 h.- Round table, moderated by Dulce Mota

1º.- Helena Pimentel: Leiria Polytechnic Institute (PORTUGAL)

2º.- Videoconference: José Ángel Swimwear Galarza, president of AULEXNA; Association of Students and alumni of the public University of NAVARRA.

16:15 h

Videoconference: Moderates Icíar Silvester, of Canal Senior (Spain). Dedicated to new technologies. Technical secretary of CAUMAS: "Practical demonstration of training through ICTs" 16:45 h-. Coffee Break 15 minutes

17:00 h.- Workshops

Two simultaneous workshops

  • Workshop in Portuguese: "New technologies in European projects and in the formation of seniors"

  • Workshop in Spanish: "The seniors to the information and communication Technologies (TICS) Current Moment"

Each workshop will have a moderator and a coordinator to summarize the topic to be discussed. The registration will ask the assistants to indicate the workshop they wish to attend

18:30 h.- Final session with Performance of the Music group of "Nova Atena", Oeiras-Portugal

20:00 h.  Optional dinner at hotel Puerta del camino

31st october

9:00h h.- Brief summary of the previous day, presidents of Rutis and Fegaus.

9:30 h.- Video Conference:

University of the Third Age in Technical University Zvolen (Slovakia) ​

10:30 h.- Round table, moderated by RUTIS

1 º.-Paula Sande: ATEGAL (Santiago, Spain) "Steps for Senior Ageing" "Step for Aging Senior"

2º.- Diana Vidinha: Porto 4Ageing E RUTIS Porto (Porto, Portugal)

11:30 h.- Coffe Break 15 minutes

11:45 h.- Representative of the Department of Social Policy, Xunta de Galicia: "Proyecto Simpatica"

12:45 h.- FORMAL Constitution of the global network of educational projects + 50 years

President of Rutis, President of FEGAUS, University of Coruña, Pontificia Universidade Católica de GOIÄS (Brazil), University of the Third Age in Technical University Zvolen (Slovakia)

Admission of a new member: CAUMAS

14:00 h.- Closing of the third Conference.

      Performance of the choir Aulas ABERTA of the University of Vigo (Spain)

15:00 h Final dinner, at hotel Puerta del Camino


Conference languages will be Portuguese and Spanish.



Edificio CERSIA

Rúa, do Alcalde Raimundo López Po.



60 euros, com 2 lunches, coffee break, certificates, documentation

20 euros, Special dinner of the 30th


- University of Porto

- Porto 4 ageing – Centre of excellency in active ageing and health of Porto

- Polytechnic Institute of Bragança-Escola Superior de Saúde de Bragança

- Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social security

- Xunta of Galicia

- Santiago council


- Programa Erasmus +

*Depends on confirmation

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