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Online and in person

April 28, 2022


The International Network of Educational Projects for seniors (RIPE50+) organizes this conference for Over 50s in partnership with the School of Art, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and other partners. The event will be online and in person.
From the communications of this conference, a minute's book with ISBN and peer review will be edited.

1) Registration here, from March 28 to April 27

2) Prices and payments:

  • Without certificate: Free

  • With international certificate: 10€ (General public)

  • With international certificate: 5€ (students and teachers from partner entities)

  • With international certificate and oral presentation: 30€

  • With the publication in the minute's book: 60€

3) Submission of articles here until April 22

4) Online on Zoom platform


From 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00

08:30 - Delivery of documentation

09:00 - Opening session in the Blue auditorium of EACH

- Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ricci Uvinha – Director of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities at the University of São Paulo.

- Teacher Dr. Meire Cachioni – Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Gerontology at EACH/USP

- Prof. Dr Luis Jacob – President of RUTIS (Senior Universities Network) of Portugal and president of RIPE50+

- Teacher Dr. Lisa Valéria Torres – Coordinator of the Social Gerontology Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás and member of the board of RIPE50+

09.30 - "Museums and seniors", Prof. Dr. Marcelo Vilela de Almeida (Brazil)

10.00 – "ARtive Aging: Creativity and Art", Profa. Cinthia Lucia de Oliveira Siqueira (Brazil). Author of the book "Artivo Aging".

10.30 - Break

11.00 - "Cognitive Tele-stimulation via Whatsapp. Experience report of Teleworkshops applied to the elderly at HUGG UNIRIO", Amaral Anderson (Brazil), online

11.30 - "The search for a new way of aging", Sylvia Loeb and Carla Leirner, Activists of the Majority (Brazil)

12.00 - Oral presentation of works

     1 - Lilian Cliquet (UNICAMP - Brazil) - In person

     2 - Johanner Carl Freiberg (USJT - Brazil) - Online

     3 - Cristiane Pavanello Rodrigues Silva (School of Health of Santa Maria) - Online

     4 - Ana Luiza Blanco (UNICAMP - Brazil) - Online

     5 - Samuel Gonçalves Almeida da Encarnação (School of Health of Bragança, Portugal, online)

12.50 - Lunch break

Afternoon (2.00pm to 5.30pm)

14.00 - "Happiness in Institutions", Prof. Dr. Jorge Humberto Dias (Portugal) online

14.20 - Presentation of the book "Aging with quality: the role of education in life stories" by Maraiza Costa, Valéria Arantes and Luis Jacob.

​14.30 – "Open Innovation in Senior education", Iveta Circule (Latvia), online

15.00 - "FEGAUS Strategic Plan 2021-22", Alejandro Otero Davila (Spain), online

15.20 - "Psychological and social impact of university programs for seniors in the collective of senior persons", Marina Troncoso, CAUMAS (Spain), online

​15.40 - Break

16.00 - "Universities for all ages", Christine O'Kelly (Ireland), online

16.30 - "The losses throughout life", Dr Céu Martins (Portugal) online

17.00 -"Gerontology in Mexico", Yonal Malleli Pérez, Mexican Network of Gerontology (Mexico), online

17.20 - Closing

- Network of Senior Universities – RUTIS (Portugal)
- Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology – EACH/USP (Brazil)
- Postgraduate Program in Gerontology – EACH/USP (Brazil)
- LabEduca60+ - Lifelong Learning and Development – ​​EACH/USP (Brazil)
- Social Gerontology Program – PUC/Goiás (Brazil



- Portuguese Republic - Work, solidarity and social security (Portugal)
- Polytechnic Institute of Santarém – IPS (Portugal)
- Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – IPB (Portugal)
- Porto 4 Aging – Center of Excellence in Active and Healthy Aging in Porto (Portugal)
- University of A Coruña (Spain)
- Galega Federation of Senior University Associations – FEGAUS (Spain)

- CAUMAS (State Confederation of Associations and Federations of Students and Alumni of University Programs for the Elderly))
- University of the Third Age at Zvalen Technical University (Slovakia)